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2021 NSC Winter Webinars

The research forest is pleased to sponsor UNBC students with an interest in forest management to attend the Northern Silviculture Committee Winter Webinars. Two webinars sessions are planned:

  • Jan. 21: Innovations and New Approaches in Woody-fuel and Wildfire-risk Reductions for Central BC Interior Community Interface Forests. Registration for Jan. 21 is now closed
  • March 25: Innovations in Northern BC Reforestation

Registration is free to UNBC students with an interest in forest management. The cost is simply your commitment to be there!


2017 UNBC Field Safety

The ALRF is proud to support the training of various students heading out for great experiences in research associated with UNBC.  UNBC’s Field Safety Committee has announced:

In preparation for upcoming field seasons, the Field Safety Committee is sponsoring a training session on April 28, 2017, for anyone planning to conduct wilderness-based field research. Pre-workshop materials will be provided to registered UNBC participants through UNBC’s Blackboard system. There will be a nominal fee of $20/participant for the session to facilitate the purchase of necessary supplies. All participants who pay the fee, and complete the pre-workshop materials and the field session will receive a certificate of completion. Additionally, your participation will be registered with the Risk & Safety Office to show you have completed this safety training. To register, please follow the instructions on the attached, fillable, PDF form (including chargeback coding, if applicable) and forward it to

Here is the poster and the registration form

Living Lab

Dr. Juan Carlos wanted to add a practical / hands on component to his UNBC Forestry 209 class.  I had a great day hosting this field tour visiting old growth and managed areas while discussing stand dynamics, impacts of climate, slope, aspect, soil and water on tree growth.

UNBCs Forestry 209: Silvics Class
UNBC's Forestry 209: Silvics Class

Plantation Under Snow
Plantation Under Snow

Sub-alpine Fir with wolf tracks
Sub-alpine Fir with wolf tracks