A selection of presentations given by the ALRF at various conferences, lectures and colloquiums.

2008 LiDAR Workshop at UNBC

LiDAR Workshop Presentations

Download presentations from the Sept 2008 workshop LiDAR and Large-Scale Digital Photography: Uses in Natural Resource Management. This workshop provided participants with information on LiDAR and large-scale digital photography and how these two systems have been used with respect to natural resource management. The workshop included a ful day of presentations, a ½ day hands on activities with Aleza Lake Research Forest LiDAR data in the GIS lab, and ½ day field trip to Aleza Lake Research Forest to see operational uses of the LiDAR and digital photography. This workshop was a collaboration of Aleza Lake Research Forest Society, University of Northern BC, University of BC, BC Ministry of Forests and Range, FORREX and the BC Forest Science Program.

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LiDAR Study Area

1m contour map of the full 1200ha LiDAR sample area at ALRF. Flown on August 2006.

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Contours Hansard Creek

LiDAR derived 1m contour map of Hansard (aka Camp) Creek.

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