Management Plan

ALRF Management Plan #3

Approved by government on Feb 6, 2019

Part I: Management Plan Introduction and Scope

Part II: The Physical and Ecological Setting

Part III: The Social, Cultural, and Land Use Setting

Part IV: ALRF Tenure and Regulatoy Requirements

Part V: Available Resource Inventories and Information

Part VI: Landscape-Level Forest Management

Part VII: Social, Educational, and Cultural Values

Part VIII: Forest Ecosystem and Environmental Stewardship Practices

Part IX: Silvicultural Practices and Management for the Stand and Forest

Part X: Timber Harvesting Planning and Operations

Part XI: Sustainable Timber Supply and Allowable Annual Cut

Part XII: Public Consultation and Information Sharing

Part XIII: Licensee (ALRF) Commitments Under this Plan

Part XIV: Management Plan Administration

Part XV: Appendicies

Appendix Series A: Map Supplements

Appendix B: Landscape Biodiversity and PG TSA Research Forest Guidance

Appendix C: Species Lists

Appendix D: Silviculture

Appendix E: Timber Supply Review and Analysis #3 for the five-year period 2019 – 2023



Past Management Plans

ALRF Management Plan #2 (2005)