Project Ideas

Looking a project for a class or an undergraduate thesis? Look no further!  Solve a real resource manaegment problem or question at ALRF where we  can  help you  set up a field project or provide you with the data and information  you will need. See below  for wide range of interdisciplinary project ideas, or contact us to  share your own…


  • Interpretation plan for the East Loop Demonstration Trail
  • Interpretation plan for the South Knolls Demonstration Trail
  • Road-based demonstration plan for the entire forest


  • Growth and yield of second growth birch stands
  • Ecological and economic utilization of birch
  • Establishment and growth of cedar in the SBS wk1 (planted in 2005)
  • Growth assessment of partial cut stands
  • Economics of partial cutting
  • Growth and yield of brushing sites
  • Assessments of 40 year old spruce provenance or progeny trials
  • Douglas fir seedling survivorship and performance in the SBSwk1
  • Incidence of leader weevil in brushed stands under a variety of treatments
  • Ground-based field verification of old growth stands
  • Spatial distribution of interior old growth with respect to timber supply
  • Windthrow and terrain stability

Wildlife and Fish/Habitat ecology

  • Bird survey across various eco-types and management histories
  • Effects of historical forest and road development on fish populations
  • Environmental impact assessment and rehabilitation plan for Slaney Creek
  • Collection of local knowledge on wildlife
  • Compilation of data from winter tracking surveys
  • Compilation of data from reported wildlife sightings
  • Habitat suitability comparisons between historical partial cuts and unmanaged stands
  • The presence/absence of rare and endangered plants
  • Forest management and wildlife tree and CWD recruitment
  • The effectiveness of wildlife tree patches


  • Disturbance history and dynamics
  • The ecological state of pine bogs with respect to mountain pine beetle
  • Paleoecology
  • Successional development along the Bowron River
  • Rare plant species inventory and habitat suitability
  • Identifying linkages between site series and forest attributes (e.g., coarse woody debris, below canopy fuel loads)


  • GIS and remote sensing analyses (e.g., wildlife suitability mapping; rare ecosystem mapping)
  • Fluvial dynamics of the Bowron River
  • Climate-related projects
  • Pre- and post- pruning assessments of a pine plantation (e.g., growth and yield, wildlife damage)
  • Tenure history of the ALRF
  • Research history of the Aleza Lake Experiment Station
  • The historical role of the Aleza Lake Experiment Station in the development of Upper Fraser communities
  • Inventory and harvesting of non-timber forest products