Student Research

Research forests are ideal places to develop graduate and undergraduate research projects. For those students who like field-based projects, the ALRF is only an hour away, and most study sites are easy to get to. For those who require data, this information is also available. The ALRF seed grant competition is also open to all students conducting research at ALRF who need a little extra money to cover basic project costs. Please contact us for more details if you would like more information regarding grants.

ALRF staff can help students by providing knowledge of the land area, access to management and research history, and student mentorship. Staff can alert students of known hazards in the field and advice on technical and methodological issues related to their project. We also have access to local experts who can provide valuable advice and knowledge of the area.

Ongoing operational activities can also be customized to create research sites or to apply treatments to answer certain research questions. We strongly support projects that link with our regular forest management activities such as timber harvesting, inventories, surveys, trial re-measurements, planting, brushing, etc.

Search the list of ALRF project ideas. If you would like to discuss these or other project ideas, please contact us.