Consulting Services

Welcome to our Social Enterprise

The Aleza Lake Research Forest Society is a social enterprise based in Prince George, BC. We specialize in forest-based research, education and implementation of innovative forest practices. As a not-for-profit business, our organization has developed two revenue generating divisions that support our social objectives.  Our revenue generating divisions include timber sales from our 9,000 ha forest tenure, and consulting services.

Our Consulting Services

We aim to bring the most innovative and unique solutions to our clients. We are experts at translating new research into forest management practice, designing and implementing small harvest and silviculture treatments, prescribing and managing sensitive, and managing publically visible treatments. We also design and implement research trials, demonstration sites, and field-based teaching modules. The solutions we bring are grounded in academic research and innovative methods that we adapt from our research and education activities to provide the best service to our clients. Whenever possible, we integrate consulting projects into our education program to leverage social benefits from our work, at no additional cost to the client.

Our Social Mission

The Aleza Lake Research Forest Society manages a 9,000 ha forest tenure east of Prince George, BC as an “outdoor laboratory” which is where the Society creates opportunities for research and education. We do this by integrating research with forest management and investing in teaching infrastructure. Profits from our harvesting and consulting division are directly reinvested into our research and education programs.

What We Do

Aleza Lake Research Forest Society is well suited to small projects within the Central Interior of BC that require a high level of attention, communication and innovation. We are also very well suited to working with other consulting firms as a sub-contractor on larger projects. We offer services in the following areas of forest management, research and education:

Silviculture Research Education & Outreach
Small scale, partial cut, salvage planning and harvesting Urban-forest interface management.  Small tenure strategic planning and resource analyses Project management & administration

  • Budgets
  • Implementation
  • Reporting

Proposal writing

Technical writing

Academic writing

Forest tour planningTraining modules

Guidebooks and manuals

Website management and writing

Public participation, process design and facilitation

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