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E-Flora BC

E-Flora BC is a biogeographic atlas of the vascular plants, bryophytes, lichens, algae, fungi and slime molds of British Columbia. Use the search features below to access our species pages.

 Climate Database

Climate data from the Aleza Lake Research Forest and area is updated annually and is available for research and education purposes. Three periods of data collection are available: 1953 to 1980 at the former BC Forest Service Ranger Station just outside of the northern ALRF boundary; and two climate stations, one at a clearcut site and one within a stand of old growth forest. The clearcut station has data from 1993 until the present, the old growth station from 1993 until October 2010.  The maintenance of the climate station field site and online database are funded by the ALRF Society and the BC Forest Science Program.  To access the full dataset, follow this link and register for an account.

Research Project Database

A comprehensive database of projects at all four BC university research forests. Search for past and current projects, by subject, location, date, or researcher. Register a project of your own to inquire about research partnerships, data sharing and field sites at any or all of the research forests. This database is maintained by Malcolm Knapp Research Forest and is funded in partnership by all four university research forests and the BC Forest Science Program.