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Tiny Forest Emerges in Greenhouse

Our  seedlings are now over 4 months old!  Planted just before Christmas, the Western larch are a whopping 8 inches tall and the grow lights have been reduced before they are planted in early June.

 The Western yellow cedar are showing their secondary growth – actual cedar leaves! They are still under the grow lights and will continue to  live in the greenhouse until they are ready to plant this fall.

Both sets of trees are growing in the greehouse attached to UNBC’s Enhance Forestry Laboratory. If the climate change predictions are accurate, these species should grow very well here in the future, but the question is how  well can these species survive in the short-term? By  planting experimental trials we can monitor their growth and  development at the Research Forest  and come up with some answers that might help future forest management decision-making.

ALRFS Helps with Campus Forests

A dead pine next to the UNBC campus entrance
A dead pine tree next to the UNBC campus entrance

This spring and summer, ALRFS staff will be planning and implementing small stand management treatments to mitigate forest fire and safety risks posed by dead trees on  UNBC Campus.  Planned and supervised  by Mike Jull, professional forester and manager of the ALRF, these treatments will focus on a total of  around 5  hectares of beetle-killed pine stands  plus any  scattered unsafe trees along  campus road sides and parking lots. A consultation process for the UNBC campus  will be conducted through the last half of April and the tree removal will occur in June and July.

More information about these campus forest management activities will be available on the UNBC Facilities website.

Have a Look at Harvesting

The Aleza Lake Research Forest Society is self-funded by harvesting timber from its 9,000 hectare forest tenure, and has had an active harvesting program for the past 8 years. This year’s program is focused on Block 22 located at the centre of the Research Forest. This notification of harvest allows all interested groups to ask questions and provide comments on harvest activity at ALRF.

If you would like to comment or have a question please don’t hesitate to post it here or to contact us! For harvest operations contact Ralph, for research and education contact Melanie, and for general inquiries contact Kathleen.

For anyone driving or visiting the forest during active harvesting operations, please review the safe driving and radio calling guidelines, or better yet, arrange for a guided tour!