Management Plan #3

The Aleza Lake Research Society is pleased to announce and make available our ten year management plan for the research forest.  This strategic plan provides detail on our management priorities explaining how we operate within our tenure area. >> ALRF Managment Plan #3 <<  

Moose Eat What!?

UNBC’s Dr. Roy Rea continues to do some great work with his studies on moose (Alces alces).  Some of his findings of moose winter diet are in this article : A Preliminary Assessment of Moose (Alces alces) Winter Diets in the Aleza Lake Research Forest in North-Central British Columbia

Two Weeks and Growing

Black spruce seedlings in UNBC’s Enhanced Forestry Lab grow vigourously in the greenhouse.  After two weeks they are  about 2 cm high and changing daily. Each plug was planted with two seeds and shortly after this picture was taken, the greenhouse curators dilgently thinned thousands of trees, leaving the healthiest and strongest to keep growing.