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Two Weeks and Growing

Black spruce seedlings in UNBC’s Enhanced Forestry Lab grow vigourously in the greenhouse.  After two weeks they are  about 2 cm high and changing daily. Each plug was planted with two seeds and shortly after this picture was taken, the greenhouse curators dilgently thinned thousands of trees, leaving the healthiest and strongest to keep growing.

Tree Removal Starts on PG Campus

A small loader pulls trees from a stand on the south side of the Northern Sports Centre. Handfalling (chainsaws) and customized machinery are used to ensure a light touch within the natural forests around campus.

Beetle-kill and hazard tree removal began this week in priority areas at UNBC’s Prince George Campus. The work will continue for the next  few weeks (February 14th to March 4th). If you are on campus please expect  periodic traffic delays of up to 10 minutes, while the contractor ensures a safe environment for both the public and the workers. For more information on this project, read the advisory notice and review the campus treatment map.