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Carnivorous Plants of BC

Sundew — Drosera anglica

A little known fact – Northern BC has carnivorous plants!   Sundews attract, capture, and then digest their victims … ok their victims are small insects and not large mammals so we have nothing to fear from them.     I never knew about them until a curious student from UNBC went looking.   From James Jones, here is an introduction to his work

My research at the Aleza Lake Research Forest consists of two-fold approaches to examining the ecology of Sundews native to British Columbia, Canada (Drosera rotundifolia L. and Drosera anglica Huds.). Continue reading Carnivorous Plants of BC

Two Weeks and Growing

Black spruce seedlings in UNBC’s Enhanced Forestry Lab grow vigourously in the greenhouse.  After two weeks they are  about 2 cm high and changing daily. Each plug was planted with two seeds and shortly after this picture was taken, the greenhouse curators dilgently thinned thousands of trees, leaving the healthiest and strongest to keep growing.